Sunday's Reinvention Aumentar

Sunday's Reinvention


A mother teaching you to be in touch with your emotions, a father making you a tough nut to crack; these two sides waging war in your head since you have had the use of reason. Love affairs that last a while, heartbreaks that last as long as Sundays. Excuses that you don’t understand, contradictions that you don’t get either. Human atrocities and the pleasure of playing them down. Endings that aren’t endings, nights that begin by saying goodbye and days standing out in their insignificance. This book is the fruit of the six universal emotions, one for each Sunday: fear, disgust, sadness, rage, surprise and joy.


Author: Marta Soliño

ISBN: 978-1-951370-19-0

Pages: 149

Format: Paperback

14,95 €