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Marta Soliño (Vigo, 1998). A student of Advertising and Public Relations. She began writing at the age of seventeen in her personal blog – Male di Miele – giving free reign to her emotions reincarnated in words. In May of 2019 she gets her nerve up to publish on Instagram, and that’s when she begins to attract the attention of thousands of followers who share their literature on these platforms. Reinventarse un domingo (Sunday’s Reinvention) is her first book of poems. Afterwards, she has published her second collection of poems with Valparaíso Ediciones in Spain, Selvas de júbilo.

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    A mother teaching you to be in touch with your emotions, a father making you a tough nut to crack; these two sides waging war in your head since you have had the use of reason. Love affairs that last a while, heartbreaks that last as long as Sundays. Excuses that you don’t understand, contradictions that you don’t get either. Human atrocities and the...

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